• Chet Leonard

Production Sound during a Pandemic

During these times of STAY AT HOME orders to assist with 'flattening the curve' of COVID-19 victims, there are no production sound jobs to be taken. And frankly if there were any to be offered I would not accept them to honor service to my fellow man. I've been taking advantage of the downtime to go over my inventory of gear, my personal organization, and further my skills training. I am so thankful to those who have offered up free webinars and discounted classes online to support themselves and others navigating this unusual times of being shut in. The silver lining in these times , as there is always a silver lining, has been the gift of time to reflect, reconnoiter and re-evaluate. I want to claim, that as long as one can stay healthy and be financially secure, that these times are a gift and they should be used wisely. If ever one wanted to step out of the rat race and take a breath, well this is that opportunity. It won't last forever. With every closed door another opens. In the words of that illustrious game show host, " Which door will it be? Door Number one, Door Number two or Door Number Three!??"

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